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5 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid with Your Leather Bags and Purses

Looking after your favourite Chanel or Louis Vuitton leather bags doesn't have to be difficult. In this article, we take you through the 5 most common mistakes to avoid to care for your luxe leather goods! 

Mistake 1: Using baby wipes to clean leather bags

One thing we always hear is that "if it's good enough for a baby's bum it must be okay for my bag!". Unfortunately whilst baby wipes work well in removing dirt and grime, they contain ingredients such as moisturising agents, oils and other additives that can remove the leather’s tanning agents, leading to a loss of colour and cracking. Worse still, it could leave stains on the leather! Some of our customer have asked if they could use baby wipes to clean the vachetta leather on their Louis Vuitton bags - we would highly recommend avoiding doing so unless the vachetta has already developed a dark honey patina.

You should use a water-based, oil-free, and pH-neutral cleanser specially formulated for delicate leather products such as Luxegarde's Leather Cleanser. If you've run out and you're in a pickle, use a damp cloth and wipe dry afterwards.


Mistake 2: Not regularly wiping down your bag

We know we know, it’s such a hassle having to wipe your bag regularly. But what if we told you doing do can save you expensive trips to the leather repairer? You can prolong the life of your leather bags by regularly wiping dirt and grime (that may not be visible) and it takes all of 30 seconds!

Even if you can’t be bothered wiping your bag after every use, ensure you’re giving it a good wipe with a soft dry cloth before storing. Our All-Rounder Cloths are perfect for regular wipe-downs and and spot cleans. If it's a bag that is in heavy rotation, ensure you're also regularly conditioning it with a water-based conditioner that moisturises the leather to ensure it remains supple. Our Leather Protector  is suitable for most leather types and will also create an invisible protective barrier on the surface of the bag to protect the leather from dust and dirt.


Mistake 3: Not tending to stains immediately

Sometimes it's easy just to bury your head in the sand when you've accidentally stained your bag. But the longer you leave a mark or oil stain, the more difficult it is to remove. Some leather without a protective coating such as aniline leather are absorbent and over time, a stain can seep deeper into the leather

The Leather Cleanser will assist in the removal of water or oil stains. Protecting your leather bags before use with Leather Protector will make the stains much easier to remove. Pen marks on the other hand are notoriously difficult - use a specialised product such as Luxegarde’s Ink Off. The product is the size of a lipbalm and can be easily carried with you in case you need to immediately remove a pesky pen stain.


Mistake 4: Storing bags in boxes or plastic containers

Leather bags are just like our skin and need to breathe! Storing them in a box can cause mould to form, particularly if you live in areas with high humidity. Can you imagine taking out your treasured Chanel lambskin bag only to find mould spots inside?

We recommend that you stuff your bags or purses with acid-free tissue paper or a soft cloth to help retain shape, and store them in a dustbag to protect from dust and sunlight. If you must store them in boxes, place a couple of desiccant sachets in the box to absorb excess moisture.


Mistake 5: Displaying bags in direct sunlight

There's nothing better than seeing your babies displayed in their full glory in a glass cabinet. However, sunlight is harsh and can discolour or dull your leather bags, or worse yet, cause them to become dry and brittle with prolonged exposure.

Position the glass cabinet in a shaded area of the room if possible, or cover with a curtain during times of the day when sunlight is the particularly harsh.


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