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A Basic Guide to Luxury Leather Care

Looking after your luxury leather goods is so important to make sure you get to enjoy them for many years to come! Good leather care starts with building good habits and luckily looking after them is simple. There are 3 main aspects of leather care which every owner of a luxury leather product should be aware of:

  • Everyday care
  • Cleaning and conditioning using products
  • Storage

Everyday Care

Forming good habits is key to preserving the lifespan of your luxury handbag. Here are some quick tips you should keep in mind whenever wearing your beloved handbag:

  • Wipe down your handbag after each use with a soft lint-free cloth (such as with Luxegarde’s All Rounder cloth) to avoid build-up of dust on the leather
  • Avoid water coming into contact with your handbag
  • Remove stains immediately - they're always easier to clean on the spot than 2 months down the track
  • Avoid wearing coloured jeans with light coloured bags to prevent colour transfer
  • Avoid overfilling your handbag as this can permanently distort the shape

Cleaning and Conditioning Using Products

In order to maintain the suppleness of your leather products, it is important to use leather cleaners and conditioners every 2-3 months particularly for items that are in high rotation.

  • Luxegarde’s water-based Leather Cleanser will clean the surface by gently removing dirt and stains, without damaging the colour or condition of the leather. Apply using a soft, non-absorbent cloth
  • Follow with the Leather Protector. This will condition and soften the leather and prevent it from drying out and cracking. It will also remove light scratches, and create an invisible barrier to shield the leather from marks and stains.
  • Leathers vary across brand, style, and even vintage of product, so always remember to patch test in an inconspicuous spot before applying.


Care also needs to be taken when putting your handbag into storage when it is not in use.

  • Ensure your bag is 100% dried before storing
  • Stuff your handbag with acid-free paper so that it can maintain its shape. If you're feeling fancy, use a silk bag pillow
  • Store your handbag in a dustbag and in an upright position
  • With bags such as the Chanel Classic Flap, wrap the chains in a soft cloth to avoid marking the leather. Did you know our Applicator Cloths can be used as sleeper felt inside the bag as well?
  • Avoid storing in a box where possible - this creates a humid environment that can encourage mold growth. Otherwise, add some desiccant bags to absorb moisture.
  • Keep your handbag out of direct sunlight to prevent damaging the leather or losing colour
  • Keep your handbag in a dry, cool place to prevent mold growing on the leather

They say prevention is the best care. By keeping these tips in mind, you will have long lasting handbags and will avoid an expensive trip to a leather specialist!

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