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How to Remove White Hand Sanitiser Mark on Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bags

With the amount of hand sanitiser we're all using during this pandemic, it's inevitable that you may have accidentally spilt some on your favourite Louis Vuitton coated canvas bags. We've seen it most often on popular bags such as Neverfull and Speedy.

We’ve been testing a few home remedies and have found one that has worked really well and we would like to share this with you! We actually replicated the damage on our own Felicie and created a quick video to show you how it all works!


Why doesn't my usual leather care products take off the stain?

Now the reason why the usual leather care products can’t fix this is because similar to patent, the alcohol has actually degraded the clear coating on top of the canvas so it’s not actually a stain as such.


Now some of you might ask, why doesn't this happen when I wipe my bag down with alcohol wipes all the time and it hasn’t created these marks? The reason is when you’re wiping your bag with high alcohol content, it evaporates pretty quickly. With hand sanitisers, the alcohol is suspended in the gel (the purpose it to prevent the alcohol from evaporating too quickly). Unfortunately This means the alcohol is trapped in the gel when it’s on your bag therefore it has more time to unfortunately corrode the plastic coating. Oh, and please don't use alcohol wipes to wipe down your bags! It can strip your bag of colour, degrade the plastic coating of LV canvas bags etc etc


So what can I do to remove the hand sanitiser mark?

This is actually super quick and easy to do! Here are the steps:

1) Use Luxegarde’s Leather Cleanser to remove any sticky gel residue that’s still on the bag

2) The secret here is... oil! We used marula oil which is very light but moisturising. Other oils readily available at home such as coconut oil or olive oil should work too, but please use with care! You only need the tiniest amount (remember oil can be damaging to the bag too!

3) You should see the canvas darkening nicely now. Wipe off and use Leather Cleanser to take off excess oil

4) If necessary, repeat steps 1-3 and voila you're done! The coated canvas on your Louis Vuitton bag should be good as new!



Disclaimer: This is a home remedy so please attempt restoration at your own risk. This has worked well on our newer LV pieces and there is no guarantee this will work on vintage pieces where the coating may already be compromised. If in doubt, please take the bag to a professional leather repairer for restoration.



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  • Thank you so much for this information. It works!!!
    Came back from shopping trip and and noticed the dreaded white mark
    from sanitiser. I was so stressed and miserable, my gorgeous bag ruined,
    found this article and in about two minutes all fabulous again.
    I used olive oil and did try a small section under the bag before going ahead.
    Thanks a million 😘.


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