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How to use Luxegarde’s Products!

Cleaning a luxury leather product doesn't have to be time consuming or difficult. With Luxegarde's products and a few simple steps, you can keep your favourite bag or shoes looking brand new!


Start by wrapping the All Rounder cloth around your fingers and wipe in a gentle circular motion to remove dirt, debris and moisture from the leather surface. The All Rounder is made from an absorbent microfiber fabric and the fibers ensures effectively cleansing of the leather whilst still being soft on the leather surface.


The Leather Cleanser helps to remove stains and marks, as well as dirt and debris that’s not visible to the eye but could accumulate over time and deteriorate the state of the leather. The water-based formula is pH-neutral and gently cleanses the leather without overdrying.

Apply the Leather Cleanser directly onto the leather using a non-absorbent cloth such as The Applicator cloth to minimise product wastage.* Work in small sections as this prevents over-wetting of the leather, particularly with unfinished leathers.

Allow the leather to air-dry completely.

Conditioning and protecting

Use the Leather Protector to condition and protect the leather. The conditioning properties helps to ensure suppleness of leather whilst removing light surface scratches. The Leather Protector also forms an invisible barrier to protect against oil and water stains, including sweat and body oils.

Apply The Leather Protector to a new Applicator cloth, and massage it into the leather in small circular motions.* Allow to dry completely.


The specially designed the velvet cloth is butter soft to touch and can be used to wipe down your products after each use or to polish the leather after your leather care regime.

Once the 4 steps have been completed, store your leather product at a cool dry place, preferably in a dustbag and away from direct sunlight.


* As leathers differ across brand, style, and even product vintage; always make sure to test products in an inconspicuous spot first.

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