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  • A Guide to Caring for Chanel Handbags in the Luxurious Caviar Leather

    So, you've got yourself a stunning Chanel handbag in that lush caviar leather – a true mark of timeless style and luxury! Just like any other high-end accessory, proper care is essential to ensure your Chanel caviar leather handbag retains its beauty and longevity. In this guide, we'll explore the best practices for maintaining and protecting your cherished Chanel accessory.
  • How to Protect a New Chanel Lambskin Bag

    One of our most common questions has been how we protect our Chanel lambkin bags with Luxegarde's Leather Protector. And with Chanel prices increasing every month, you really want to look after your bag to retain its value!  

    Luckily it’s super easy to apply and will help you keep your Chanel lambskin bag in tip top condition!

  • How to Convert Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch into a Crossbody Bag

    Turning your Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch into a crossbody bag is super simple with Luxegarde's Conversion Kits! It only takes a few minutes and you'll have a brand new way to use your Cosmetic Pouches!
  • How to Convert Your Louis Vuitton Neverfull Pouch into a Crossbody Bag

    Want another way to carry your favourite Louis Vuitton Neverfull Pouch? This simple guide will help you get the most out of your Neverfull Pouch by being able to convert it into a crossbody bag!
  • How to Clean and Remove Alcohol Stains from Designer Leather Handbags

    During COVID, everyone is much more cautious and proactively wiping down everything with alcohol wipes. But did you know alcohol can seriously degrade the leather and leave white stains on your favourite purse?


    Moral of the story here is please do NOT use alcohol wipes or hand sanitiser to clean your leather bags and shoes! Not Chanel lambskin, not Louis Vuitton vachetta, and not even Louis Vuitton canvas. 


    Read on to find out how we managed to remove these white alcohol stains with our Combo Pack!

  • How to Convert Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26 into a Crossbody Bag

    Do you ever wish Louis Vuitton came out with a boxy pouch-style bag similar in shape to the Toiletry 26? Or worried your Pouch might accidentally slip out? With Luxegarde’s Toiletry Pouch 26 Bag Organizer converter kit you can turn it into a bag in less than a minute!



  • How to Remove Scratches from Chanel Lambskin Bags in a Few Simple Steps

    Due to the delicate nature of Chanel lambskin leather, unfortunately scratches are inevitable. The good news though is that scratches on lambskin is much easier to remove compared to caviar leather!

    Read on to learn how to quickly and easily remove scratches from your Lambskin Chanel bags!

  • How to remove colour transfer from designer leather purses

    Accidentally wore your favourite beige purse with denim and got colour transfer on it? 

    Colour transfers are notoriously difficult to remove and we usually recommend that you take it to a professional leather repairer who will remove the colour transfer and re-colour the affected area back to the original colour. This is because to remove ingrained colour transfer you will need a strong professional-grade cleaner that can strip the colour transfer, but doing so will also strip your bag of its existing colour pigment. However, if you want to give it a go at home in case it is just superficial colour transfer that is sitting on top of the leather, try the following steps:

  • How to Remove White Hand Sanitiser Mark on Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bags

    With the amount of hand sanitiser we're all using during this pandemic, it's inevitable that you may have accidentally spilt some on your favourite Louis Vuitton coated canvas bags. We've seen it most often on popular bags such as Neverfull and Speedy.

    We’ve been testing a few home remedies and have found one that has worked really well and we would like to share this with you! We actually replicated the damage on our own louis Vuitton Felicie bag and created a quick video to show you how it all works!

  • Should You Use A Chanel Wallet on Chain Base Shaper Insert or Bag Shaper?

    Luxegarde's Base Shapers are absolutely life changing if you own a  Chanel Wallet on Chain - once you've tried using them you can never go without. Here at Luxegarde, we love our WOCs and frustrated at being unable to find one that does everything we want, we set out to create our own version. Here is why our customers love our base shapers!
  • Why You Need to Waterproof Louis Vuitton Vachetta Leather Before Use

    The number one question that we get is how to protect Louis Vuitton's Vachetta Leather. Today we're going to show you the number one thing you need to do to keep your vachetta leather looking beautiful and stain free. It's super simple and takes just a few minutes to do! You will need our Combo Pack which contains everything you'll need to protect your face.


    To show you that our Leather Protector really works, we took the liberty of risking one of our favourite bags - the Noe BB - to show you why it is so important to protect and waterproof vachetta leather before use, and just how well our product works! We applied our Leather Protector to one side and then dropped some water on both sides - read on for the magic!

  • Luxegarde Product Usage Guide, by Leather Type

    This guide is intended to help you choose the best products for looking after your leather goods. It is indicative only - as leathers differ across...