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How to Clean and Remove Alcohol Stains from Designer Leather Handbags

During COVID, everyone is much more cautious and proactively wiping down everything with alcohol wipes. But did you know alcohol can seriously degrade the leather and leave white stains on your favourite purse? Moral of the story here is please do NOT use alcohol wipes or hand sanitiser to clean your leather bags and shoes! Not Chanel lambskin, not Louis Vuitton vachetta, and not even Louis Vuitton canvas.

One of our friends decided to wipe down her Saint Laurent cardholder with alcohol wipes which left unsightly white marks on the leather. This is essentially lost moisture from the leather! Now imagine if she did on her Chanel caviar Classic Flap!

Lucky for her we managed to remove it with our Luxegarde Combo Pack! Watch on to find out how:


  1. Spray Luxegarde Leather Cleanser  onto an Applicator Cloth
  2. Apply gently in a circular motion, allowing the cleanser to foam slightly. This gives the leather a general clean (it’s heavily used for 2 years without having been cleaned before hence the amount of gunk on the cloth!)
  3. Allow to dry
  4. Pump Luxegarde Leather Protector into an Applicator Cloth
  5. Applying a thin layer and massage in a circular motion until fully absorbed. This will condition the leather and restore the moisture back into the leather, hence taking away the white stains!
  6. Allow to dry completely

If the leather is older and more delicate , we recommend going straight in with the Leather Protector to condition first, as the alcohol may have damaged the protective layer on the leather and a cleanser could cause more damage.



You can purchase the discounted Combo Pack here: with free shipping!


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