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  • How to remove colour transfer from designer leather purses

    Accidentally wore your favourite beige purse with denim and got colour transfer on it? 

    Colour transfers are notoriously difficult to remove and we usually recommend that you take it to a professional leather repairer who will remove the colour transfer and re-colour the affected area back to the original colour. This is because to remove ingrained colour transfer you will need a strong professional-grade cleaner that can strip the colour transfer, but doing so will also strip your bag of its existing colour pigment. However, if you want to give it a go at home in case it is just superficial colour transfer that is sitting on top of the leather, try the following steps:

  • How to remove pen ink stains from smooth, grained or caviar leather

    Accidents happen. But don't fret - we have the perfect solution for removing that pesky ink stain from your favourite leather bag or shoes, whether it be smooth, grained or caviar leather.

    We decided to show you how easy this is using our Ink Off stick by marking our Gucci Soho Disco bag. Yes. We drew on our own bag in the name of leather care!