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How to Protect a New Chanel Lambskin Bag

One of our most common questions has been how we protect our Chanel lambkin bags with Luxegarde's Leather Protector. And with Chanel prices increasing every month, you really want to look after your bag to retain its value!  

Luckily it’s super easy to apply and will help you keep your Chanel lambskin bag in tip top condition!

  1. Always patch test in an inconspicuous area before you use it on your bag, purse or other leather items. Lambskin is absolutely amazing for vibrant colours because it absorbs colour so beautifully, but it also means that it is more prone to colour bleeding compared to other Chanel leathers such as caviar or calfskin. With our Chanel Classic Flap bags, we usually test the product under the flap we’re going to go ahead and test it in an inconspicuous area under the flap here.
  2. Use a dry cloth to wipe off any dust or lint. We like to use either The All-Rounder cloths or The Applicator cloths.
  3. If your bag is brand new, there is no need to clean it with Luxegarde’s Leather Cleanser beforehand. If it hasn’t been handled previously, then it shouldn’t need anything more than a quick wipe down with a cloth. Wrap up the chain strap to keep it out of the way.
  4. Press about half a pump of Leather Protector into The Applicator cloth. If you don’t have our Applicator Cloths or have run out, you can always just use a soft white cloth but it can often leave behind lint and dust so we prefer to use our Applicator cloths which is a microfiber material that does not shed and repels liquid (so it wastes a lot less product!). Rub the cloth together to distribute the protector lotion and apply to the leather in a gentle circular motion. We typically recommend 1 pump for the front, 1 pump for the back and 1 pump for the sides and base of the bag. However, it might be a little bit more for the flap bag given the amount of leather on the flap.
  5. We usually protect the front, back and sides, and let it dry. We then apply the Leather Protector to the base and allow it to dry. One coat is usually enough, but if we know this is going to be a purse on heavy rotation, we would then repeat this process for a second coating.
  6. Once the bag is fully dried, you can take our Buffer Cloth and use it to gently massage the leather

Our cult favourite Leather Protector is water-based so it wouldn’t seal in and dry out the leather over time, nor does it contain oils that will stain your bag. It can also be used on all leather types except for suede, nubuck and patent. The great thing is that it’s a leather conditioner and protector in one, so not only will it protect the leather, it will also nourish and condition it! A friendly reminder that if you have a light-coloured bag, make sure you’re not wearing it with dark pants or jackets or denim. A leather protector provides layer of protection but can only do so much in avoiding colour transfers so the best way to avoid a costly trip to the leather repairer is to be careful what you wear when carrying the bag!

Hopefully this article has been helpful! We have also added the video below if you wanted to follow along.



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to either leave us a comment below or send us an email!



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