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Which is better - Chanel Lambskin vs Caviar Leather?


It’s the age old question when it comes to Chanel purses and small leather goods: lambskin or caviar? Chanel lambskin is unprotected lambskin leather whilst caviar is effectively stamped calfskin (Chanel also uses caviar lambskin but for the purpose of this article we are referring to calfskin caviar). Whilst some refer to caviar as grained calfskin, this is actually incorrect – the “grains” on caviar are artificially stamped whilst any grains you may see on unprocessed calfskin are natural grains on the leather.


Lambskin has a shinier and glossier finish compared to caviar, and has a much more luxurious and striking look (in my humble opinion!) Lambskin is more porous and fantastic at taking on dye, so coloured lambskin bags are so much more vibrant and beautiful.


This is where lambskin often falls short compared to caviar. Calfskin on its own is sturdier than lambskin, and the pebbled finish of caviar leather also renders higher durability. For an everyday bag, caviar is more durable and able to stand more wear. Lambskin on the other had is more prone to scratches and scruffs.

However, lambskin is not as fragile as you might think! Light surface scratches can be easily buffed out by applying a thin layer of The Leather Protector, waiting until it has dried completely, and then gently buffed with The Buffer cloth. Lambskin that are more tightly stitched are also more durable. My Chanel lambskin zip purse gets thrown around in my bag, rubbed against cards, keys etc but does not scratch up at all.


Same. Did you know that a few years ago, lambskin products were priced higher than caviar as the leather was considered more luxurious!


I think lambskin is the most iconic Chanel bag so for me I always deviate towards lambskin. A good leather care routine will ensure your bag remains looking its best. Wipe down your bag after each wear with The All-Rounder cloth, clean and protect regularly with The Leather Cleanser and The Leather Protector duo, and buff with the The Buffer cloths to maintain that beautiful smooth finish. Even if you put your bag through wear and tear, a good leather restorer should be able to fix it in no time.


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  • Hola, tengo un bolso channel rojo de piel de cordero, vintage, que compré junto a muchas cosas usadas, está en muy buenas condiciones, cómo puedo saber si es original?


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