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Should You Use A Chanel Wallet on Chain Base Shaper Insert or Bag Shaper?

The short answer is yes! Base Shapers are absolutely life changing if you own a  Chanel Wallet on Chain - once you've tried using them you can never go without. Here at Luxegarde, we love our WOCs and frustrated at being unable to find one that does everything we want, we set out to create our own version. Here is why our customers love our base shapers!

1) Adds space in the wallet on chain - one of the biggest complaints is that an WOC doesn't fit very much. If you look at the photo below, you can see just how much this SLG actually expands with a Luxegarde base shaper in place (without actually stretching the leather).

Luxegarde's Chanel Wallet On Chain (WOC) Base Shaper Inserts expands the WOC to create more storage space

2) High Quality Felt Does Not Stretch or Mark the Leather - We opted for felt rather than PU leather, as the latter is too rigid and can cause marks with long term use when pushed against the side of the Wallet On Chain.

3) Prevents Sagging of Base - Because the base of a Wallet On Chain is only leather, heavier item will create unsightly bumps and sagging at the bottom. Our Base Shaper will help to prevent the base from sagging.

4) Thin & Lightweight - Given there is not much space in a WOC to begin with, we purposely designed our base shaper with ultra-thin felt. We also added a thin layer of plastic between the felt to maintain shape without adding bulk.

5) Side Protection - We have also added flexible flaps to the side of our Wallet on Chain base shaper. After a couple of accidents with uncapped pens in our bags we figured that these flaps will help prevent the sides from being market by pens or lip pencils that uncap themselves in your Wallet On Chain!


Luxegarde's Chanel Wallet On Chain base shaper helps to prevent sagging at the bottom and expand capacity in your SLG!


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