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  • How to Remove White Hand Sanitiser Mark on Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bags

    With the amount of hand sanitiser we're all using during this pandemic, it's inevitable that you may have accidentally spilt some on your favourite Louis Vuitton coated canvas bags. We've seen it most often on popular bags such as Neverfull and Speedy.

    We’ve been testing a few home remedies and have found one that has worked really well and we would like to share this with you! We actually replicated the damage on our own louis Vuitton Felicie bag and created a quick video to show you how it all works!

  • How to Treat, Protect and Look after Louis Vuitton Vachetta Leather

    Vachetta leather is perhaps one of the most coveted leathers popularised by the luxury fashion house - Louis Vuitton.

    We get so many questions from our customers asking how to best look after vachetta leather so we thought we'd write a post to answer the most common questions!