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How to Remove Scratches from Chanel Lambskin Bags in a Few Simple Steps

Due to the delicate nature of Chanel lambskin leather, unfortunately scratches are inevitable. The good news though is that scratches on Chanel lambskin is much easier to remove compared to Chanel caviar leather!


Using your finger tips

If the scratch is very light, sometimes massaging the leather with your finger will do the trick. If the scratch is a bit deeper, move onto the next method


Using Luxegarde’s Leather Protector

  • Apply a small pump of Luxegarde’s Leather Protector to the scratch and massage in a circular motion. It is best to do this with the tips of your finger as it is the most gentle on the leather. You want to be applying a bit of pressure to buff out the scratch.
  • Continue to massage the scratch in a circular motion until the lotion feels absorbed and it feels like you’re starting to tug on the leather
  • Let the Leather Protector fully dry for a few hours
  • Follow up with The Buffer cloth to polish the leather.


We had accidentally scratched our beautiful vintage lambskin Diana bag on a plank of wood. In the video below, we show you how we removed the scratch quickly and easily with the above few simple steps!



You can purchase the Leather Protector here:

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  • Does the luxegarde product work on colored Chanel bags such as olive without causing it to darken?

  • Thank you for this great information.
    I live In The US. Do you ship your products here?

    Louisa Nossell

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